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No.1Integrated Video Security Solution

Providing Total Security Solution

UNITY promotes integrated video security solution including Recorder, CCTV cameras, accessories and monitoring software. Based on its stability, reliability and technical ability accumulated during last many years in this eld along with successful execution of cutting-edge defense industry projects, UNITY has established partnership with prominent global enterprises such as Samsung, SONY, PENTAX, BOSCH, Honeywell, and etc.
UNITY has possessed intensive and stable reliability by providing massive surveillance solutions to national wide resorts, government agencies, national institutions and 350 customers in 50 different countries around the world.


Video CODEC compression technology HD display technology

Leading HD products through Hybrid product lineup




Multiple Image


High-quality HD stream

SD stream, JPEG stream

Integrated S/W


Flexible and powerful WESPSDK

Self-integrated protocol:

Control center / WinRDS / Webeye

Leading Product


Our Products

Our Products
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UNITY transportation solutions assisted by artificial intelligence technology focus on the problems that endanger safe driving and help fleets save plenty of operating costs. Distinctive benefits for customers: driving assistance, operational visualization, clear evidence for accidents, fewer traffic collisions, fewer thefts, and compliance with regulations.


Real Time Monitoring

Local Cloud Hosting Solutions

Video monitoring: Remote real-time video stream, picture stream high-definition monitoring, GPS vehicle historical track playback, automatic upload of alarm recording, online and offline information, and log information.




Integrated with Driver Monitoring System DMS and ADAS algorithms, the intelligent MDVR has face identification, FCW, recording and remote reporting functions to improve driving safety in fleet management. DMS enables face recognition and driver information registration, which facilitates fleet management; Forward collision warning (FCW) of ADAS helps actively warn drivers to avoid collisions in advance.

Alarms Types: Overspeed / fatigue / distraction / make phone calls / not driving according to preset route / not stopping at fixed bus stop leading to passenger missing the bus.




Count  passenger numbers in realtime via passenger counting algorithm. If passenger number exceeds vehicle seats numbers, an alarm will warn the driver for overload. Passenger numbers for get on and off will report to CMS platform in realtime.

Our Story

Our Story

Stronger Together

Unity was founded with the mission of providing high-quality, reliable, and affordable video surveillance solutions for businesses and individuals alike. We started small, with a handful of passionate engineers who were dedicated to developing the best CCTV technology on the market.

Over time, we grew in size and scope, expanding our product line to include a wide range of cameras, recording devices, and other security-related products. We partnered with leading manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that our customers always had access to the latest and greatest technology.

Today, we are one of the leading CCTV camera companies in the industry, with a global presence and a reputation for innovation, quality, and reliability. We remain committed to our mission of providing the best video surveillance solutions on the market, and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers for years to come.

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